(Into The Cold, L-R: Nikol Fiala, Kristen Halberg, Keith Jaeger, Denny Markopoulos, Jason Rubin, Katy Cornell, William Stover, Gene Devereaux – Photo by Ernie Sapiro)
Into The Cold performs and records original songs driven by anthemic riffs and layered female harmonies. The music is based around compositions by vocalist, Katy Cornell (Inflatable Soule, Going South) and keyboard arranger, William Stover (Ford and the F250s, Mark Lanegan); they have been composing together for over a decade. These pieces are further fleshed out with the input of musicians Gene Devereaux, Denny Markopoulos, Keith Jaeger, Jason Eric Rubin, Kristen Halberg and Nikol Fiala. Live, this fills the stage with different facets of sound and people, fusing the genres of dream pop, ethereal, rock, and grunge revival, that can pause to venture into a classical moment before returning to heavy groove.


Into The Cold II Record Release (May 2019)

Into The Cold II is lyrically conceptual and expands the band’s repertoire, pairing moments of haunting quiet with blasts of heaviness pushed against pocket grooves. Cornell and Stover intimately weave choral and piano elements throughout the record. With the addition of string arrangements by Andrew Joslyn, the heavy guitar riffs are tempered by sections of sweeping harmony. The bass and drums drive everything along as electronic treatments are purposefully placed.  Into The Cold II was produced by Don Gunn and mastered by Chris Hanzsek.
Into The Cold II Katy Cornell William Stover Seattle

Track Listing

Suggested singles: “Circles”, “Aina”, “SOS”

Songs for the first record, Into The Cold (August 2015), were inspired by the paintings of artist Rebecca Miller, her art graced the album sleeve. The record was created in the traditional anthem rock sense and was aptly produced by Jack Endino, mastered by Chris Hanzsek. 

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Track Listing

Suggested single: “Pentahorse”

“I like this Seattle band… a lot!”

– Duff McKagan, twitter

“At times it’s heavy, at times eerie, lush, soft, with three part harmonies and keys but with rhythms and grooves that shake the listener… Simply put, they’re a great band.”

– Dave O’Leary, Northwest Music Scene

Into The Cold, top selling album at Easy Street records, West Seattle, August 28th – September 5th 2015.

Contact: management@intothecoldband.com